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Our Company Profile

Its activity is dealing in the fıeld of tourism, medical services and importing and exporting depending

on the experience of the employees under one aim which is satisfying the whole customers.

Our Vision

We are working in and to be recognized for our professionalism and best quality service in order to

contribute the growth in the best way possible .

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best quaranteed service that exceed their expectations

and also development of the service we aer offering.


We have a passion for travel and enjoy working with our clients to make their vacotion planning go

as smoothly as possible .We feel of the eztremely imtortance aspect of being an above average travel

consultant.It is what enables us to suggest properties that match our client’s needs, and


Service :

Our travel consultants are friendly , professional ,and experienced in accommodating.

We pride ourselves in customer satisfsction with competitive prices.

We have cars that can fıt any numbers of the family and our client can choose his own car by

himself.In addition our employees know both Arabic, English and Turkish.

Airport Shuttle

We are shuttling from and for all the Turkish Airports.

Renting Cars

We are providing our customers with luxury and new cars for conference ,meeting and special

invitations or for your valued guests.

Tour Packages

We have the best rates and offers for tours inside Istanbul and outside Istanbul.

Hotels and Booking

We have the best offers and rates for all rated and unrated hotels and residance .

Ticketing and Flight Booking

We have the cheapest prices for tickets related to all the airlines.

Apartments Renting

We have a lot of apartments and flats for renting (Furnished and Unfurnished) (Monthly and Yearly)

in all of Turkey.