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Shopping trip in the largest Turkish mall


Shopping trip 

If you're looking for fashion, clothing, footwear, accessories, household appliances and homemade stuff, Turkey boasts a huge collection of shops and stores that sell everything.

Jawaher Mall in Istanbul:

Also known as Jawhar Shopping and Entertainment Center. This mall is not only the largest shopping center in Istanbul but also the largest shopping mall in Europe. It is also the sixth largest shopping center in the world. The center is designed in the style of Arab architecture and the visitor shows palm trees everywhere, where you can find cinemas, delicious food and unlimited entertainment.

Mall of Istanbul:

It is one of the largest malls in Turkey and ensures major supermarkets in the world and attracts tourists every year. This mall is one of the most popular malls in Turkey because of its diversity and multiple shops.

Oliphium Mall:

The Oliphium Mall is the main destination of the various layers of Turkish society and Olivium Mall offers a simple and spacious shopping environment in a bright environment. The Oliphium Mall has a gym, cinema, bowling, children's entertainment areas and cafés.

Metro city  Mall:

 Istanbul's best and oldest shopping center Mitrositi is located on the European edge of Istanbul, Levant

Mall forum  Istanbul:

Mall Form is one of the most beautiful complexes in Istanbul. It combines shopping and entertainment. The complex contains an aquarium, ice skating hall, children's playground, children's intelligence center and ice museum.