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Private helicopter tours in the skies of Turkey

Panorama Istanbul offers you a helicopter tour in Istanbul, 

which is a rare opportunity for thrillers to see the city from the top and to travel to the most important landmarks located on both sides of the Bosphorus Strait, topped by the three bridges of Istanbul, linking the natives of the Asian and European cities, The ancient ages have seen the ancient historical palaces that tell the story of a city whose rule is dominated by many empires and kingdoms, and traffic between tall towers and built on the latest architectural styles.

Helicopter Tour Details:

Our representative will be waiting in front of the hotel at the scheduled time, who will bring with you a ticket to the helicopter to take you by private car to the helipad. Arrival must be at least half an hour before departure. , And from the helicopter took off towards the center of Istanbul and its heart beating the passage of the Bosphorus, and the widening of the bridges of the city, topped by the Bosphorus bridge and the bridge of Mohammed Al Fateh and then bridge Sultan Selim I, and was back to the airstrip after spending the journey of the unforgettable, The driver is running We will take you to the hotel.

Helicopter Specifications:

The helicopter is equipped with the highest safety requirements in accordance with the regulations and requirements of Turkish and international laws, and is led by a team of specialists and experienced people in the field of air navigation, and has been issued all necessary permits required For such a tour, for your safety.